The queuing system

Business Platform introduces on the market modern the queuing system which can be used in places where there is a need to manage a queue of customers. This system is the perfect solution for public institutions and private sectors. Copyright IT applications in connect with a suitable kiosk will allow to expedite the work and to increase customer service standards through structured activities

Content Management System

Platforma Biznesu the owner of the SIEGLA brand's like a leader in the market of multimedia solutions has introduced a unique system, consisting of the equipment in the form of multimedia kiosks, and many it applications, allowing for wide range using.

Multimedia kiosks

SIEGLA brand’s kiosks are a series of multimedia devices that allows for a modern and practical transmission of information. Thanks to advanced technology of execution and transmission of content, kiosks can be widely used and allow to create innovative information points. .


Record keeping system of input/output

The electronic record keeping system of input/output by SIEGLA brand is a modern solution that works perfectly wherever there is a need for:

  • Keeping a register of inputs/outputs,
  • Monitoring of employees working time (RCP system),
  • kMonitoring of employees working time (RCP system),

The offer encompasses a wide range of applied technologies, including access cards, biometric algorithms, gates or barriers.